Meet Adonis Gonzalez

Name: Adonis Gonzalez

Occupation: Freelance writer; Dark protector of the innocent.


Special skills: Speaking Japanese, playing video games, and kicking bad guys’ teeth in!

I love to write, (especially about superheroes). I have a bad habit of doing too many things at once to the point where I’m ALWAYS busy, but I try to manage. I love long walks on the beach, reading comics and beating up bad dudes as the vigilante, Batman!

I mostly love Marvel, but I’m a DC fan as well! Other than that, I absolutely despise Disney Channel, mainly because of a mix of low-tolerance and nostalgia for my childhood Disney. I’m also heterosexual, but wouldn’t immediately say no to feeling Chris Evan’s abs (dude’s ripped man, ya kidding me?)

Yes, you read that correctly.

I also love me some anime (Naruto, DBZ, Full Metal Alchemist, Fairy Tail…I could go on, but the list is super long). I love Harry Potter too and had have a huge crush on Emma Watson.

You can follow me on Twitter  and check me out here at Sublime Zoo or Moviepilot!

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