Meet Valerie

L: Hello, Valerie! How are you?

As of now I’m in the laundry mat. I have spent nearly 60$ washing everything I own. I’m irritated.

L: Nice. What are your thoughts about joining The Zoo, Valerie?

I’m happy to be representing the Zoo. We are all trying to get SZ to a level where fans come to us for the latest movie, music, and entertainment news. 

L: I’m curious to know whether Valerie is your actual name. Are you willing disclose your real one?

My initials are VG. That’s all folks!

L: Fair enough.What are some of your favorite things?

Definitely not laundry! I like writing, photography, and letting my imagination run wild.

L: Which hero (Disney or anything otherwise) do you most identify with?

Storm #FirstLadyOfMarvel

L: Which villain (Disney or anything otherwise) do you most identify with?

Loki. He causes trouble, but I think is often misunderstood.

L: What’s a real-life issue that is somewhat close to your heart?

Child abuse and discrimination of any sort is not tolerated.

L: If you could live in any time period, what would it be?


L: Is that your final answer?


L: And in that same vein, name your favorite time period as it pertains to fashion?


L: How’s your taste in music?

I listen to everything. Even music I don’t understand. Music is the universal connector. We all relate in some form to music.

L: Do you have a favorite artist?

Not really. Well, that’s a lie. I like Björk. I have all of her albums except the last one (Biophilla). It’s trash.

L: Any particular reason?

Her music is out there. Like me 🙂

L: Movies. Top 5. Go:

Narrowing it down to 5 is unfair, but off the top in no particular order:

1.Night of the demons
3.Of Human Bindage (1934)
4. The fifth element
5. Dancer in the dark

L: Favorite TV Show (s) (Past or Present):

Xena: Warrior Princess FTW

L: Alright, Val. So far, you’ve proved to be fairly interesting. However, now is the time to ask you some fairly divisive and tough questions. Are you ready for this?

L: Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

None. Not enough black folks.

Both have different things to contribute to space opera; so this is tough.

THG. No bargain basement Katniss for me.

Baseball is so boring. Who cares?

None. What is with this love affair with Boston?!

DC or Marvel?

Vertigo and Image.

How did you feel about Iron Man 3?

NEXT! (Well.)

How did you feel about Man of Steel?

NEXT! (Bahaha.)

L: M. Night Shyamalamadingdong Shyamalan walks up to you and tells you that he is going to adapt [insert-favorite-childhood-show-here] into a movie. What do you do?

Pull out my gun and pistol whip him for offending me.

L: To test your decency as a human being: What did you think of The Last Airbender?

What is that?! 

L: Miley Cyrus shows up and twerks on your grandmother. How do you react?

Another victim of the pistol whip.

L: You were married to Robin Thicke for x amount of years. Things fell apart, you broke up, and he promptly dedicated an entire album and tour to “getting you back”. What is your reaction?

AND the pistol…

L: And back to being a little bit more serious: what do you hope to bring to Sublime Zoo?

Viewers, a following, attention, notoriety.

L: Alright. The people thank you for your wonderfully weird interview.

My motto: FTW

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