Guest Posting Guidelines


We are currently open to guest post submissions. Please read the guidelines below before submitting a pitch, post, or idea. These criteria apply only to guest posts submitted by guest bloggers. Read carefully.

  • The guest post must provide an informational value to the readers of
  • The guest post may not be used for the purpose of selling your own products.
  • The guest post may not contain affiliate links or other content that you are receiving payment for, especially if none of that payment reaches our site. This blog is currently hosted on’s free hosting service (for now). As such, the TOS forbid us from including most  affiliate links, with a few exceptions.
  • The guest post must be in line with our blog’s values, style, subject and target audience.
  • We reserve the right to edit a post for clarity, grammar or spelling. We will never edit the post to alter the opinions or information expressed within. We will give the author opportunity to look over our edits before the post is published. If you decline to do so, or do not read our edits carefully, you may not complain about the changes we may have made once the post has been published.
  • We reserve the right to decline publishing a post if the submitted draft is not up to our standards or related to our blog’s values, style, subject or target audience.
  • No plagiarism. Please. If you will use quotations or excerpts in your guest post, please link back to the original page or provide citations. We will do our best to screen all submissions for plagiarism, but we are not perfect. If you come across guest post content that is your intellectual property and was not submitted to us with the writer’s consent, please contact us and we will acknowledge the real author or delete the post entirely, depending on the wishes of the writer. Please endeavor to be polite in your request.
  • We do not currently pay for guest posts. Sublime Zoo is an independent blog, which barely manages to cover its operating costs.As such, you will retain all rights to the post once it has been published on the blog. You are free to submit it elsewhere. In terms of submitting the same content to several different blogs, we would prefer if you waited a minimum of six months to resubmit a blog post that we have featured on Sublime Zoo to other blogs or websites.
  • We are open to posting an article that expresses an unpopular opinion, provided the opinion expressed is not malicious, slanderous, libelous, harmful, hurtful or intended to market a product. All posts written by outside bloggers shall bear a disclaimer that the views expressed therein are the opinion of the writer of the post and therefore may not reflect the opinions of the Sublime Zoo team.
  • When submitting a pitch or an idea, please aim to be as concise and clear as possible. You may submit up to five post ideas at once, provided they are outlined clearly and are easily distinguishable from one another. We are students and we like for things to be simple, quick and easy (plus we really like bullet points).